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The Choice For Informed Customers is.... Distinctly Clean

Locally owned and operated. Serving Peoria, Bloomington and their surrounding areas.

In Home Estimates with No obligation, No Pressure, No cost

No surprise charges. Our price will include what your floor needs.

Environmentally friendly Solutions and Coatings​

Equipment is state of the art.
"Rotovac" for Rotary carpet cleaning.
"Turbo Hybrid" for Tile & Grout and other hard-surfaces
Detailed tools used where needed. Stairs, Upholstery, etc...

Going above and beyond cleaning... Check out our hard-surface coatings​


Our process removes the dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria.

Restores your floors to a like-new appearance.

We use EPA and environmentally friendly solutions.

Licensed and insured

Monthly Maintenance Program

We specialize in floor care, all work guaranteed

Highly Trained Experts

100% Customer Satisfaction

Patented Technology

TWF Factory Trained Technician seal

What Customers Say

7/26/19 - "The carpet and upholstery cleaning was well done. Your guys removed stains that Stanley Steamer was unable to remove. Now I don’t have to have the dining room table chairs reupholstered. Good job!"

1/25/19 - "Thank you for your prompt and quick service. The apartment looks Great. You guys did an Excellent job. Thanks for helping save the carpet and making it look like new."

12/27/18 - "We all appreciate the very noticeably cleaner carpet!"

11/15/18 - "Carpet looks amazing and your team is the best. I have had a few different companies over the years but not now. I know who I'm sticking with. I recommend you to my friends and neighbors too. Thank you!"

11/14/18 - "Thanks so much, a great job! Thankful to get more years out of those cushions now that they look so good!!"

11/12/18 - "All I have to say is "wow"!! Thank you so very much. We are so happy with how everything turned out....everything looked brand new."

10/11/18 - "Good morning Benj - yes the floor looks great!! Thanks for all you did!!"

2/1/18 - "I have been a homeowner and have had carpets cleaned for 40 plus years. Fortunately, most were above average. However, Distinctly Clean, far surpasses the standard of excellence! A couple of pets with one having bladder issues left the carpeting with an odor that forced me to seek professional cleaning. Steam cleaning myself just didn't resolve the problem. What an amazing transformation and incredibly awesome result from the superior workmanship and outstanding quality applied to cleaning the carpet and major walkway. It was 'Distinctly Clean' and had an incredibly refreshing fragrance. No overpowering chemical odors! Benj was expedient in providing a more than reasonable estimate and arranged a time that was convenient. Distinctly Clean made an enormous difference to the quality of our lives! As an experienced customer, I guarantee you will not be disappointed in selecting Distinctly Clean. Benj has earned my respect and trust through his honesty and fairness. I look forward to a complete 'cleanover' in the spring. Give this hometown company a try...you wont regret it! One of the perks is providing a bathroom break for the dogs!"

1/24/18 - "Incredibly awesome is an understatement. I am a bit overwhelmed at the exceptional results, superior workmanship and qualitative excellence you performed on the carpeting! It was, indeed, 'Distinctly Clean' and refreshing, to say the least. What an enormous difference Benj!"

12/18/17 - "I am loving the look of our clean carpets!"

9/23/2017 - "This is the best job I have ever had done on my carpets. They got silly putty out of my carpet. I will not use anyone else. So friendly and helpful."

8/25/2017 - "Did a great job on both floors"

8/24/2017 - "Awesome job cleaning a clients carpet and flooring prior to putting their home on the market. We showed the next door neighbor how nice they turned out and she is going to call and get hers cleaned. Very professional"

8/16/2017 - "The response time was great as we were in a time crunch between closing on the home and moving in. the finished result looked fantastic! Thanks"

8/16/2017 - "I was very impressed with the quality of work and the friendly, fast service. Definitely will recommend to my friends!"

7/10/2017 - "Responded quickly and did a great job. Will use again"

6/13/2017 - "Benj and crew were incredibly thorough and conscientious as they refinished the concrete floors in my basement. This involved taking off carpeting, tile and baseboards, carefully cleaning, preparing and resurfacing the concrete, applying two (I think) coats of epoxy and a finish coat. The floors look amazing. He and his crew also told me about a few issues (in my house) they discovered as they worked, which I greatly appreciated. They're trustworthy and do an excellent job. Highly recommended."

6/2/17 - "We had our carpets cleaned by different companies in the past and it seemed that in a matter of a few weeks many of the old stains would begin to reappear.The Distinctly Clean crew paid close attention to spots and heavily soiled areas. It has been almost a year since the cleaning and we find that quality carpet which is 20 years old looks practically new! We are very satisfied with the excellent job done by Distinctly Clean."

5/27/17 - "Love it! I have had many companies over the years clean our carpets. None even begin to compare with the results from your cleaning. The 15 year old carpets (lived on by our pet also) look like new and 2 weeks later, still look like new! We had the tile/ grout cleaned as a first and pleased with those results as well. Very professional pleasant team! Will be calling again! "

5/19/17 - "I wanted to let you know the house dried looking great! I will be sharing you information to friends, family, co-workers! Thank you again, Alisha"

5/15/17 - "Very professional staff who cleaned my slate floors. They looked beautiful! Very pleased with the entire experience - cost, dependable, professional, trustworthy, and great results! Would highly recommend! "

4/12/17 - "Thank you for your prompt service and great job." 

3/15/17 - "Oh my word! You're a genius!!! I can't believe what my carpet look like!!! Thank you, thank you!!"

3/10/17 - "It looks great!! It's like we have new carpet again. Thanks a lot"

9/1/16 - "Thank you Benj. The carpet looks great. I am very pleased."

8/25/16 - "Thanks for reaching out and asking for a follow-up on the restroom floors. I just went downstairs and took another look at all three restroom floors. They look so good, such a nice high-gloss shine, and they all seem to be cleaning up nicely. I am happy with how they look and how they are holding up." 

5/11/16 - "We had some water in our basement that soaked all the carpet padding, but the carpet was deemed recoverable. Distinctly Clean was exceptionally professional and brought our carpets back to looking like they were brand new. We also asked them to clean a couple of area rugs that came out great. Benj was great to work with, explaining the process and in all the years we've had carpet cleaning, we've never seen carpets come back to life as they did with Distinctly Clean. We will definitely use them in the future." 

5/2/16 - "Thank you so much...I was very pleased with how everything turned out...especially happy the blue marker came out. The red spot is very faint...I didn't notice it right away. The chairs look great!! Looking forward to having more rooms done in the future."

1/25/16-"We are very pleased with how clean the carpet looks! Thank you so much!"

1/22/16- "Wow everything looks fantastic! Thank you so much! Please email us the invoice and we will get you paid prompt. Thanks again for a really nice job. It all looks great! Have a nice weekend!"

12/7/15 - "Just to let you know we love our carpet and the floor in the basement! It all looks so beautiful and clean! I am so glad we did it-we don't need to ever buy new carpeting as far as I am concerned! Thank you so much."

10/28/15 - "Thanks guys! A great price for a great big job, and GREAT RESULTS!"

10/19/15 - "Many thanks, the carpet looked great."

10/13/15 - "Thanks, Benj!!! It looks amazing!"

9/29/15 - "Thank you so much for the awesome job!! We really are impressed!"

9/18/15- "Thank you so much. We are very pleased!!"

8/31/15 - "Thanks so much! Carpet was all dry this morning and it smelled so clean in here! You guys did a fantastic job and we will definitely be referring you to others! Thanks again!"

8/31/15 - "Thanks for the superb job on my floors today! I was thinking about not doing the tile & grout and I'm soooo glad I did. Turns out the grout that I always thought was a tan/beige is in fact CREAM!! They did a great job!!!"

6/22/15 - "Benj & Shawn thanks so much for the beautiful work you did in our garage. I'm enjoying it so much. It's so easy to keep clean which is what I like. Thanks again!"

5/9/15 - "We just returned from CA and LOVE the job you did on the carpet. This is the best this carpet has looked since we moved in - we will definitely recommend you."